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Mr. Phi Dang Doan – For Heatlhy Bodyshape


Mr. Phi Dang Doan – For Heatlhy Bodyshape

“From the start, I just hoped to lose some weight and gym is not my favourite physical exercise as well. But after 5 months at NShape Fitness, I started loving gym, espcially when unexpected results came. 10.1kg of body fat disappeared. The amount of muscle increases significantly. My type 2 diabetes and fatty liver vanished, the indicators couldn’t be better.

This result should thank to my patience and my personal trainer. Initially, I did not think a personal trainer was needed but the more I did exercises, the more important of personal trainers I found. Personal trainers of NShape Fitness designed all exercises and diets so that I could achieve my goal easier. After seeing my changes, my colleagues also wanted to do exercise. Now I feel missing if having a day without training. “

Mr Phi Dang Doan – Member at NShape Fitness Nguyen Chi Thanh